Monday, November 10, 2008

Tell No One

A little earlier in the year we were lucky enough to catch one of our favorite movies in a long time "Ne le dis à personne" (English translation: Tell No One). Originally hitting Parisian theatres in 2006, and then later coming to the US in 2008, this superbly intricate suspense story follows the growingly complicated life of a pediatrician who is struggling to move forward with his life after bearing witness to the apparent murder that would leave him a widower. So where's the twist? Years later the case is revisited, only now the pediatrician is a prime suspect in his wife's death. It is then that he begins to receive the most startling information of all, information that would seem to indicate that perhaps, his love is still alive. The resulting story is as complicated as it is gratifying. You can imagine our delight when we found it streaming online. Hitchcock fans this may be for you.

Directed by French actor Guillaume Canet, “Ne le dis à personne” can be viewed here.

* Note: The Whisper staff does not endorse solely watching this film online.

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