Monday, March 10, 2008

hipster classical wünderkid

its wierd when people you know start to make it big. not that I would know. But I know people who know people.

It seems that going to Columbia not only guarantees the *chance* at getting a job which will pay you to live within 40 minutes of Manhattan, but also a darling status in your chosen art form (ahem, Vampire Weekend). Which therefore begs the question: if the future of bubblegum indie rock is west african pop, whats gonna happen to classical?

well nico muhly says its in church music. hurray.

the columbia and julliard grad composer, 26, is as golden as a golden boy can get. he is conducting, he is assisting philip glass, he is working with rufus wainwright and bjork. pretty solid, yeah? totes.

so im like, well what is his stuff like, his own compositions?  Apparently, hes into medieval. layers et dissonance. go figure.  what promises to be the avant-garde is actually premodern. post structuralist = pre structuralist. end of days, man.


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