Monday, March 10, 2008

Bikes and such

Not into the whole dancing thing? That's okay. How 'bout bikes? You like bikes?

Cyclists Inciting Change thrue Live Exchange (C.I.C.L.E.) will be hosting the Pasadena Art Ride at 6 PM on Friday, March 14th. It's an easy-paced ride that welcomes cyclists of all levels of gnarliness. Whether you're a fast-paced hustler or a cool cat that likes to hang toward the back, this ride's for you! The ride will stroll through the lovely streets of Pasadena and will include stops at many of the city's fine galleries and museums. For this night only, they'll all be open and they'll all be free! The ride meets at 6 PM at the One Colorado Courtyard in Pasadena and leaves just a half hour after. More info at

Where: One Colorado Courtyard, Pasadena

When: 6 PM

Why: 'Cause you're awesome, that's why.

Be whimsical.

1 comment:

the kim said...

looks dope. i heard those riverside bike rides are crazy. like skinny hipster bike riders vs cholos crazy. be careful with those.


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