Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Fuck you heroes!"

Staying up at night has always been a bad habit. Sometimes I fight the boredom with a book and sometimes I draw; other times still, I'll watch old movies or scan the internet for something useful. Tonight, I came across this.

"Fuck you all" is a twenty minute interview with photographer Glen E. Friedman. Friedman is a prolific figure in many arenas, but is often coupled best with punk rock and skateboarding. He's a man that's devoted most of his life to encapsulating a raw, no-frills attitude about staying true to what matters most to you in life. An attitude that's often been misconstrued to be the very definition of being "punk rock" or "hip hop." The truth of the matter is, the attitude is so pervasive and so basic that its reach goes far beyond the realms of both genres and can be seen in all walks of life and time. Friedman has worked with many of the same "fuck you heroes" I grew up admiring. Give this vid a watch, I hope it makes you as nostalgic and inspired as it does me.

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