Thursday, June 12, 2008

middle children of history.

we are the middle children of history.

rack it up to my pending quarter-life crisis, but i get the sinking feeling that we as a generation will be but a footnote in the history books. there are no true icons, no real heroes, no movements that define as a culture. perhaps that will be our call to fame. the antihero. the non-movement. perhaps the cause of all this may be attributed to our disinterest in history itself, our passion and memory of it as faded and bleached as jasper john's american flags.

this idea is what strikes me about this series of iconic moments of the 20th century, reenacted by senior citizens. it's a trip to believe that all these moments could ever fade, ever age but i'm starting to think that it's quite possible. while it may be a stretch to cast models that are past the age of seventy in some of these photos, to our young minds, we just might think that everything portrayed within them should be that old and decrepit.

i'll get off my soapbox for now and advise you to check out the work. it's good art, whether you read into it or not.

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