Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Lou Reed's voice seems to get better as he ages. With this in mind, it was a major coup for Dutch composer, Stephen Emmer, to get Reed to participate in his upcoming album, Recitement. A breathtakingly fresh project, Emmer hand-picked a variety of literary material and basically composed a score of each. The kicker is that each track uses a reading of the text as a voiceover of sorts. As described on the official website for the album:
A kind of rap 2.0 but then created the other way around: first the text, then the music. You could also call it Spoken Word Goes Pop where poetry becomes a film- soundtrack, classic prose rap & rock and travelstories become jazz-noir or chamberpop.It's in fact the Music of Words.
This beautiful and melancholy video, directed by Paul Faas, is for the track, "Passengers". Lou Reed provides the voice for Paul Theroux's text and the results are nothing short of magical. The full album will include the work of Borges, Ginsberg, and Samuel Beckett. Sounds like a great pick-up for fans of literature, spoken word, music, and film.


the kim said...

Dude, you're like the best blogger ever. I don't think I can ever let you go here.

Matt said...

Nice, picking up where Mingus left off. ...except, not creepy.


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