Thursday, August 21, 2008


This Saturday, the ISM Gallery (Koos Art Center) in Long Beach will be hosting the opening night of Sk8ology. Sk8ology will showcase over 150 individually designed skateboard decks created by a broad range of the most talented and creative professional artists and skaters. The skateboards will then be auctioned off (online) and all proceeds will be given to two very good non-profit organizations: ISM: A Community Project and Now That You Know.

The exhibition is free, will begin at 7 o'clock and continue until 10. The Show will then travel to San Diego, September 4th-6th for the Action Sports Retailer Trade Show and then to Florida, September 12th-14th for the Surf Expo.

Saying that this night is going to be cool is a lot like saying that Superman was just an all right guy... Clearly, he was much more than that. So if you're in the neighborhood, come check it out before it's too late. If you're not, come anyway.

For more info or to RSVP check out:

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