Monday, October 27, 2008

Guilty Pleasure of the Week: "Cookie Jar"

We're starting to wonder if this column is going to be overly Katy Perry-related. Whatever. We like to keep it in the fam, whether it's ours or not. This week's pick is the pro-promiscuity ditty, "Cookie Jar", penned by Katy's current boyfriend, Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. Actually, we're not sure if it's exactly pro-promiscuity, it may be more of an issue regarding dude's complete and utter failure at being monogamous. That's his bad. With Ms. Perry's boner party credentials, we'd be trying to lock it down.

1 comment:

jenny pacia said...

yay did you post this after seeing my email of the gym class heroes video with kitty purry!


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