Saturday, October 25, 2008

Machines and Souls

Machines and Souls Exhibition, Reina Sofia National Museum, Madrid from José Luis de Vicente on Vimeo.

"We live in the world that's imagined for us," a teacher once told me that. He was right. The world around us is designed. Everything from the screen you're looking at to the media within it, it's all been thought out. If you extend the notion even further it becomes apparent that very few things in our world exist without the presence of some design. We are quite lucky to live in such an age.

Exploring those avenues of design, artist, educator and developer, Daniel Rozin is on the cutting edge. A citizen of New York, Rozin was first trained as an industrial designer. Later in his life, he would begin to apply these skills elsewhere to create masterful interactive displays using a wide range of differing, unconventional materials. His work characteristically tends to quite literally mirror the lives of its viewers. Rozin's pieces are great examples of the fusion of art and technology that is occurring in our contemporary world. Recently, Rozin's work has found a home alongside many other contemporary designers at the Museo Nacional Centro de Art Reina Sofia, in Madrid. His work is featured in an exhibition entitled "Machines and Souls (above)."

Currently, Daniel Rozin is an associate professor at New York University's cutting-edge Interactive Telecommunications Program, he also owns a small software development company called smoothware design. More info about his life and work
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