Monday, April 21, 2008


and if you do, make sure it isn't outside of southern california. ok maybe norcal.

anyway, in a constant effort to put off the never ending tidal wave of xeroxed readings on assorted mish mash, i was reminded that the santogold album comes out next week!


i can't tell if she is getting any airplay on the best coast, but she is persona non grata in my neck of the woods and its simply a travesty. her voice is hot, when i first heard it i must admit i though it was a less nasal new track from tegan and sarah (a la walking with a ghost)

anyway, she seems destined to become a new sweetheart, she is going to be on letterman etc. but im mostly excited for finally happening my hands on an album.  here is the vid for her single.

also, I just got the muhly album and it is pretty awesome. i guess he knows what he is doing.  incidentally, the guy who works at the music shop i live on top of wrote the liner notes to the album and says the next one will be even better. so watch out for that. 

back to derrida...

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Funky_Rei said...

what the hell? i thought she was white.. lol interesting


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