Thursday, May 1, 2008

Comedy Death Ray

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If you've never gone to a comedy show, UCB Theatre is the place to go. Most people don't know about this place, thankfully, unless they're into the whole "alt comedy" thing or are super cool, just one of those two. The shows featured in this place are scheduled 7 days a week, never cost more than eight dollars max aaaannnnd there's no drink minimum, no cover and always cool, innovative lineups in the mix.

Comedy Death Ray happens every Tuesday and is my favorite night. For the low, low price of five American dollars, you too can bear witness to a magic so strong, some might call it a death ray. The night consists of a usually all-star lineup of comedians performing in a small, almost personal, room, telling new jokes, old jokes and awkward stories involving their penises somehow getting caught in light sockets... Laaadies? The Comedians of Comedy, the Sklar brothers, Jesus: all have been a part of this great night.

...well, not Jesus, but he would totally show if he was still around.

...and funny.

The point is, this will be a great night. Doug Benson is an awesome comedian and cowrote the marijuanalogues. Dana Gould was on the Ben Stiller show and was executive producer for the Simpsons for many years. Brendon Small can shred on a guitar aaannnnd is responsible for both Metalocalypse and Home Movies. Ed Helms, Andy Daly, Craig Anton... There are so many reasons for you to check this show out. So many in fact, I'll stop.

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