Saturday, May 3, 2008

Where the b-boying is at today...

and lets discuss the bboy events from last week. here are some pictures from last week's killa4nia 7 year anniversary:

congrats to papa smurf for winning 1st place and kane for getting 2nd place. both bboys got a year sponsorship from tribal and eVocal.

my favorite part of the night was when Lil'Rock did a screening for his upcoming video project. it was like a hip hop "be kind rewind" scene.

the event was held at eVocal in Costa Mesa.

it was my first time at the store. and dude, its a pretty cool store. i just loved the space of it, the art around the store, and even their restroom was nicely designed. they've been throwing a lot of events there lately. so yeah check out their myspace for more info and what nots:

1 comment:

Funky_Rei said...

CCOOL! i will check out the store! it looks cool!


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