Monday, May 12, 2008

the kim's two favorite movies of the week

At the moment, I have two great films playing over and over in my head.

Son of Rambow, which I saw last week at The Landmark. The trailer reminded me of Rushmore + Be Kind Rewind, where I was worried that it wouldn't have 'feel' to it, but it did. It even made me cry. In a good way. We don't get to cry in a good way enough.
By the way The Landmark, is one great theater. The seats are the most comfortable seats ever and they have toblerone and yogurt with fresh berries! woo hoo.


Natural Born Killers. I never watched the movie. Thinking back I don't think I was allowed to. SO we bought the director's cut this week at Amoeba for $9.99. And I freaken loved it. Where scenes keep on replaying in my head.

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