Monday, May 19, 2008

One In A Million

Oh Aaliyah. The A-A-L-I-Y-A-H. Where would I be without you? Especially through those JR. High and High School days. Oh how I would intentionally write 4 page letters, and believe every boyfriend or crush was one in a million. How I would put your songs on my pager/voicemail intros. Or how I always wanted my bangs to cover my eyes. Because of you.

The current FADER icon issue, is about Aaliyah. Read it. It makes you remember the great memories you had with her music. And it makes you remember, 'oh yeah she use to be with R. Kelly, how weird." also put up a very nostalgic DJ Caps Aaliayh mix. Check it out.

Aaliyah U R Missed Part I

Aaliyah U R Missed Part II

1 comment:

John said...

i remember that you had her album cover on your dashboard.


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