Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Agenda Trade Show

The coolest designers and brands in action sports (see: enjoi) and streetwear (see: anything on will be attendance this Thursday through Saturday in San Diego for one of the coolest trade shows of the year, the Agenda Trade Show.

The Agenda Trade show is a meeting place for lovers of all things awesome and promises to exhibit only the best and most innovative work available. From small, up-and-coming brands like Jedidiah (<--really cool) to giants like OBEY (<--- also, really cool), each exhibitor is sure to leave you inspired. The event will take place September 4th through the 6th at the San Diego Concourse. Admission is fifty dollars cash (cash only) to non-exhibiting sales-reps, designers, manufacturers and suppliers and can be purchased the day of the event. Buyers, distributors and members of the press get in free with business card!

Sorry, members of the general public are not allowed.

The address and show times are as follows:


10:00AM - 7:00PM


9:00AM - 7:00PM


9:00AM - 5:00PM

The San Diego Concourse 202 C Street

San Diego, CA 92101


John Bollozos said...

Lots of skulls and splatters over at Jedidiah.

Cool, indeed.

Matt said...

I think I'm more a fan of where the proceeds go and what they're doing with their brand. good observation though.

John Bollozos said...

I was going to point out the flaw in logic, or maybe just the flaw in taste, in that comment, but I think that needs to be done in a private arena.


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