Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Particle physics: fun for the whole universe!

Originally, I had the idea of attempting to write a much longer, more in-depth blog about the amazingly vast arrays of intricacies that coincide with this machine, its creation and its possible applications to our real world... but then I remembered that an awesome scientist took the time to make this video for all of us to easily digest.

So I'll spare you the fact that many people have attempted to keep this machine from running; and I'll skip over the part about how this awesome little toy could eventually be the spark in quantum technology that would bring Moore's Law around full circle...

I'll spare all that and say this much:

+ The LHC is a particle accelerator/collidier: it speeds atoms up really fast and then smashes them together.

+ The LHC is gigantic: 25km into the planet and big enough to hold all of Manhattan within it.

+ The LHC has the power to create tiny universes: it'll be creating many small-scale big bangs.

+ The LHC worries some because it could create miniature black holes that could envelop our universe: in reality though, many, many scientists have shown that the possibility of this happening isn't likely.

+ The LHC may revolutionize science: and other stuff too.

In any case, let's all put our hands together for a project that's been twenty years in the making and has had the power to bring together the sharpest minds from around the world. LHC, you are awesome.

For more info check here: CERN and LHC 2008

For a live webcast of the event, look here: AMAZING!

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