Monday, September 1, 2008

Spike Spends Saturday With Kanye West.

You should never feel completely satisfied. You should always feel like you could do something greater...

Spike Jonze overload tonight. Just found an old series of videos from VBS of Spike interviewing Kanye during the coloring session for the Hype Williams-helmed "Can't Tell Me Nothing". It's an interesting look at Yeezy's thoughts regarding his process, his expectations of himself, the relationship between fan and artist and how that changes with success, his arrogance as overcompensation for his fears, etc. Highly recommended for people that love Kanye. Even more highly recommended for the people that hate Kanye.

P.S. If you thought the dude was cocky before, this won't change that belief. At least it's not an interview of Lil Wayne.

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