Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Universal Mind Control.

UMC Teaser from kwest on Vimeo.


Common's "UMC", my favorite leak of this summer ("Swagger Like Us" being a close second), is finally getting some motion love. Kinda.

Okayplayer posted a preview of the final music video by Hype Williams, one of the few dudes who can still pull a decent budget nowadays. The post-heavy clip fits well with Pharrell William's back-to-the-future electro beat and it looks like Hype is making an attempt at leaving his usual sandbox. Kinda. Can't wait for the full-length to get finished and released.

On a personal note, I actually almost ran Common over a couple of months ago a while ago when he was jaywalking on La Brea after walking out of American Rag Cie. Whoops.


jenny pacia said...

Dude, that was like over a year ago.

whomp whomp.

this fool.

the kim said...

is it me, or are people using the word "swagger" a lot these days?

John Bollozos said...

yeah, it's definitely becoming more common these days.

i'm fine with it. anything to distract people from saying "make it rain" and any and all conjugations thereof.


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