Monday, September 1, 2008


As you watch the video you will start to see weird stuff happening...

Plenty of people remember Pharcyde's video for "Drop". You know, the one where dudes are rhyming forwards but moving backwards? The one with the cameo by the Beastie Boys? The one directed by Spike Jonze before he became a hipster household name?

I'm a big fan of seeing other peoples' creative processes, so finding Spike's original video treatment for the video at the Delicious Vinyl site was a goldmine for me. As you can see, it's an exercise of sheer simplicity and clear vision. It's amazing to see how something so bare-bones ended up with so much life and detail. It's like Spike was the Woody Allen of music video: he delivered what he promised on-time and on-budget.

Check out the video below. For extra geekiness, click here for the video unreversed (re-reversed?) to see how the shots looked as they were filmed. Looks like fun.

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