Wednesday, July 2, 2008

FNMTV: fugly frontman does good?

Much can be said about Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, perhaps all pejorative, but you have to think that his heart was in the right place when he pushed MTV to make a show that actually showed music videos. And guess what? This show isn't buried somewhere in the middle of the night where it's only competition is that one show where two dudes sell knives, it's on a legitimate time slot.

So, what's got me all irked about it? Despite early hype about the show saving the long-comatose medium, it only bothers to show an average of three or four videos in their entirety. In an hour long show. Sure the vintage snippets and the live performances are a throwback to the medium's roots, but exactly how does devoting twenty or so minutes resurrect the music video back to its place as the pop cultural barometer it was, say, fifteen years ago? Does twenty minutes even make the show rise above celebrity vanity project towards something with a modicum of cultural relevance? Watch it and you tell me why a music television channel needs an excuse such as this one to air music-related television programming.

On a music video related note, hipster directing titan Michel Gondry was asked by Entertainment Weekly(!!!!!!!!) to list twenty-five classic music videos. There are some obvious ones that deserve their place in any music video list, but Gondry manages to surprise with a few new additions. Real talk.

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