Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ginsberg Dug Disco

Recently a friend of mine, ASHKAHN! designed a poster for a movie about a guy named Arthur Russell. When I heard the name Arthur Russell, I immediately thought, "Wait, was that the guy who did Death of a Salesman?" It isn't. Russell was a man who laid the groundwork for modern music for years to come. If you're a fan of disco or any dance music for that matter, chances are you owe a great deal of big ups to Arthur Russell. He was a celebrated cellist, composer and producer who worked alongside the likes of Allen Ginsberg and Phillip Glass, advancing his art form until 1992 when he died of AIDS. Russell's life story is the topic of a new documentary entitled "Wild Combination" by filmmaker Matt Wolf. I haven't personally had the chance to check out the doc, but if the film's beautiful stills and intriguing synopsis are any indication of what it all comes together to create, I'm sure it's well worth seeking out.

Learn more about the movie and Arthur Russell here:

Wild Combination

And more about Ashkahn's work here:

Ashkahn Communications



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