Friday, July 11, 2008

"where the wild things are" update.

Big update regarding Spike Jonze's film adaptation of the classic children's book, "Where the Wild Things Are", which Kim posted about here.

The last time we've heard about the film was that it was in deep trouble, with rumors flying about Spike Jonze getting fired for having too many dark and disturbing moments in what is, ostensibly, a children's film. Whoever was contemplating that decision obviously hasn't seen "The Neverending Story"; Rockbiter was one scary dude.

A few month's later, LA Times' Patrick Goldstein gets the official word from Warner Brothers, the studio making the film.
"We've given him more money and, even more importantly, more time for him to work on the film," Horn said. "We'd like to find a common ground that represents Spike's vision but still offers a film that really delivers for a broad-based audience. We obviously still have a challenge on our hands. But I wouldn't call it a problem, simply a challenge. No one wants to turn this into a bland, sanitized studio movie. This is a very special piece of material and we're just trying to get it right."
Good (but not great) news indeed for supporters of directorial vision, creative freedom, and, I dunno, a good product. We here at Whisper are big fans of Jonze and of the source material, so we hope that the version that eventually comes out gels the way it should.

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