Monday, July 14, 2008

Sly Fox.

Watch what you watching...

You gotta love Nas for going for it. His new untitled album officially comes out in stores tomorrow amidst a wash of controversy regarding the original title and a week or so before the official release, he takes a shot across the bow of one of the world's biggest media outlets. My kind of rapper.

The video for "Sly Fox", Nas' diatribe against Fox News, directed by Rik Cordero (nice subtle director credit, Rik!) is a bit of a misfire as the climax brings to mind a certain scene involving a bat and a printer from Office Space when it really should have evoked visions of a hammer obliterating a giant screen broadcasting the propaganda of Big Brother.

The album itself is a success though. With Nas reestablishing his relevance and growing comfortable in his role as rap's old owl, he is given the freedom to send shotgun shells to the gut of what ails the game with no fear of reprisal. Recommended listening.

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Cank Johnson said...

Damn, video pumped me up.


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