Saturday, July 12, 2008


I have had an unabashed love for cities like Paris, Berlin, Helsinki and Amsterdam for quite some time. These cities have a great mix of fashion, architecture, and a love for urban living that speaks to the heart of a person like me. It is of no coincidence then that my heart leapt when I first discovered Turnleft's free Urban Guides which target these cities specifically.

The guides are free, independently edited, and published quarterly, so you can rest assured that the information within them is boxfresh. Don't expect these to be DIY Lonely Planet guides, either. These guides are designed and written with a target demographic in mind. As per Turnleft's website:
Our followers are urban city hoppers, typically 'been there done that' creatives and professionals aged 25-39 with a solid disposable income, broad interests, a very open mind and a taste for the real life.
Those stuck in plain, old America until they actually have the "solid disposable income" to hit up the cities currently covered by Turnleft have no need to worry: plans are underway for guides that cover our favorite domestic metropolises.

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Nick Buteau said...

thanks for the post. happy to send you the pdf of those guides :)

nick (editor, turnleft)


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