Monday, July 14, 2008

List of Demands

Speaking of badasses... What about Saul Williams? That last post left me energized. A lot of hip hop culture, through the music and its history, is rooted deep in empowering its listeners. Sure, this M.O.'s common in artists across the board, but there are just some people that have a way of doing it that makes them stand out; Saul Williams is one of those.

If you haven't heard of Saul Williams, chances are you probably stumbled across this blog on accident. Learn more about him here.

Above is another favorite video (See this one too.) You might recognize the song from the "My better" commercials Nike revolved around it. Directed by Greg Brunkalla, this is Saul Williams' "List of Demands(reparation)."

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Digga-Bit said...

Fantastic stuff m8!
& the Niggy album is a true classic.
For once we have an artist that is more substance than style (but no doubt gotta lot of style too!) Hopefully the colab with trent reznor has brought Saul a whole new audience.
jus to let ya know i gotta couple of remixes up on my blog of tracks from the Niggy album (+ others remixes of Beastie Boys, NIN,Bjork, Everythin But The Girl etc etc)


All free to download
Hope u dig em!


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